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11 April 2021
US Citizen Xuehua Peng, also known as Edward Peng, 56, Living In Hayward, California Charged With Spying For Chinese Government
Rows of police on guard inside Beijing Metro trains for "security reasons" as the 70th anniversary of the PRC is approaching.
1 year ago
Earthquake of magnitude 5.0 - 88km ESE of Ol'ga, Russia
1 year ago
[email protected]: The Fake News Media wants to stay as far away as possible from the Ukraine and China deals made by the Bidens. A Corrupt Media is so bad for our Country. In actuality, the Media may be even more Corrupt than the Bidens, which is hard to do
1 year ago
[email protected]: in TRADE, it's taking shape in Military Competition." Johnathan Ward, author and China expert. We are winning, and we will win. They should not have broken the deal we had with them. Happy Birthday China
1 year ago
[email protected]: "China Trade Turmoil: China Urging a CALM AND RATIONAL Solution." @MariaBartiromo @FoxBusiness China is doing very poorly while the USA, under your favorite President's leadership, continues to soar to new heights - and, despite the Do Nothing Democrats, we have just begun
1 year ago
Afghanistan MoD Rejects Reports about Takhar Districts' Collapse
1 year ago
China has quietly doubled troop levels in Hong Kong, envoys say #HongKongProtests
Hong Kong's air pollution expected to hit 'serious' health risk level for next two days
On Monday evening, riot police are searching a recurrent pop-up store selling protective gear to protesters in Sham Shui Po, as onlookers heckle and question their actions.1 year ago
On Monday evening, riot police are searching a recurrent pop-up store selling protective gear to protesters in Sham Shui Po, as onlookers heckle and question their actions.
1 year ago
Two front runner, Ghani and Abdullah teams claim themselves winer of the election. The election commission yet to announce the preliminary result. #AfghanElection2019
A dozen districts in Thailand's capital of Bangkok are covered in smog today at unhealthy levels
1 year ago
Abdullah declares victory in Afghan presidential elections
Message from HK Police: reminding of "potental chaos caused by unauthorized public activities across the city tomorrow"
1 year ago
Earthquake of magnitude 4.7 - Kuril Islands
China's Xi Jinping vows to uphold 'one country, two systems' in Hong Kong
HK police announce 157 protest arrests for the weekend, most on 9/29; overall count at least 1,713 since 6/9.
Citizens' Press Conference starts their urgent press con by reminding Hong Kongers tomorrow, OCT 1 will be the milestone of the movement.
Hong Kong police say they've got intelligence to suggest that protesters are planning various attacks on Tuesday's National Day, and those with "suicidal tendencies" are being urged to kill police officers and members of the public
Hong Kong police warn National Day protests Tuesday will be 'very, very dangerous'
Police said protesters attack first each time, and the violence escalates in the past few months. Police will enforce law legally
Police said they are in a passive position when using force, depending on the situation. They had to take quick actions before anything worsened. #hongkongprotests #antielab
2nd secondary school boycott assembly held at Charter Garden. It's not easy to stand up under enormous white terror on the eve of PRC National Day but still hundreds of students in uniforms protesting peacefully with songs and slogans during school time
1 year ago
The Baharak and KhawajaGhar districts of Takhar province have fallen to the hands of Taliban on Monday, local officials said adding that the clash between the Afghan forces and militants is underway on the outskirts of the provincial capital, Taluqan city
100 tons of bitumen are burning at the building of an asphalt concrete plant In Krasnoyarsk
1 year ago
Four militants, including an Iranian and a Pakistani national, were killed in airstrikes in Washir and Garmser districts in Helmand province on Sunday, army officials said in a statement.
Torkham Crossing Reopened After Presidential Elections Held1 year ago
Torkham Crossing Reopened After Presidential Elections Held
A fire in a factory in eastern China leaves at least 19 dead1 year ago
A fire in a factory in eastern China leaves at least 19 dead
A rare image of the Soaring Dragon II UAV1 year ago
A rare image of the Soaring Dragon II UAV
HK secondary student strike rally in Chater Garden. Just counted about 2,000 students. Number certain to rise later in afternoon. Rockin our to pro-democracy band Boyz Reborn (themselves secondary students)
UN in Myanmar calls for internet resumption in areas under shutdown in Rakhine State.1 year ago
UN in Myanmar calls for internet resumption in areas under shutdown in Rakhine State.
#929GlobalAntiTotalitarianism in Vancouver for #HongKong
1 year ago
Hamid Karzay: Strongly condemn civilian casualties in Khwaja Omari, Ghazni, caused by U.S. airstrikes. I reiterate my call on the U.S. to immediately end the use of force and violence against our suffering people and to resume the peace talks
1 year ago
Earthquake of magnitude 4.8 - 143km NW of Tobelo, Indonesia
A secret door has been found hidden at the periphery of the govt HQ. In the scene, an elite squad of police, common named "raptors", burst from the building to subdue antiELAB protesters. Chaos erupts as some are pushed over and mauled while some tear-gassed
1 year ago
Eight Afghan election workers abducted by Taliban in Parwan's Shinwari district, local elders in talks with militants for their release, district governor tells 1TV
Pakistani military releases statement confirming two civilians (60 year old woman Salamat Bibi and 13 year old boy Zeeshan Ayub) killed in Indian cross-LoC shelling today while two other women were injured and are being medically treated.
1 year ago
Earthquake of magnitude 4.9 - 8km WSW of Hitachi, Japan
2308: citizen says undercover police set fire in Wan Chai, witnessed uniformed police working with undercover for half an hour.
Scenes of police pepper spraying journalists occurred at least three separate times. This photo from @StandNewsHK
Undercover police pointing guns at protestors.
Police return with tear gas in Causeway Bay 20:48 #HongKongProtests
Riot police back on Hennessy and fired tear gas right away
The water cannon outside Lockhart Rd market #antiELAB
Hong Kong police appear to have just deliberately pepper sprayed journalists
Some of the munitions fired earlier on Leighton Road/Lee Garden. The usual gathering for a press photo
Hundreds of protesters have gathered on Hennessy Road under the Canal Road flyover, chanting songs that mock police. A riot squad and several police vehicles are positioned about 100 metres away on Hennessy Road #hongkongprotests
Moment of respite for some riot police in Causeway Bay. There's also about 20 police vans here and water cannon parked outside SOGO
Arrests being made outside the Cricket Club
Protesters surrounding a taxi driver in CWB, spray painted car with tiananmen sq date, after a member of local press said the car hit him twice trying to injure him
Police have fired tear gas on Leighton Road #hongkongprotests
Police have fired water cannon with blue dye on Hennessy Road - this is the mark as protesters retreated back to Causeway Bay
Blue water cannon used in Causeway Bay #HongKongProtests
Another fire on Hennessy Rd. Across the road stands a gasoline station
The MTR has closed Causeway Bay and Tin Hau. Photo: MTR Service #antiELAB
A large amount of undercover police disguise as Hong Kong protestors.
Riot police back to charging down Hennessy road, firing tear gas, explosion from a fire nearby
Clearance underway all the way back by Soto where tons of riot police just showed up
Riot police have moved in on Hennessy Road
Police shooting teargas on Hennessy Rd in Wan Chai.
Fire started on Fleming St, Wan Chai, as riot police pushed down from a flyover while firing tear gas
Protesters have taken over Hennessy Road for over a kilometre between Wanchai and Causeway Bay / lots of barricades
Source said a Protester was shot in his eye by a TearGas canister in Admiralty, unconscious but HKPolice REFUSED medical attention for him.
Molotov cocktails ready for use in Wan Chai
Two protesters atop a tram stop burn a Communist Party flag in Causeway Bay, while others cheer and applaud Video: SCMP/Yujing Liu
Eyewitness account of a large number of police vehicles in Fortress Hill as clashes are happening in Wanchai, a few stations away. #hongkongprotests
1 year ago
At least eight local workers of the election commission have been abducted by the Taliban in Shinwari district of Parwan province on Saturday evening, local officials say they were on their way home that Taliban abducted them
Low turnout in AfghanElections. @AfghanistanIEC reported fewer than two million at first rough estimate, about a quarter of registered voters1 year ago
Low turnout in AfghanElections. @AfghanistanIEC reported fewer than two million at first rough estimate, about a quarter of registered voters
A video clip from a first-aider shows the events leading to the Indonesian journalist being injured. A retreating officer fires a rubber bullet round with his Federal Riot Gun on an overpass above Gloucester Road. The journalist then suffers injuries to her forehead and right eye
"Go, Go, Go." Raptor and riot police charge toward Pacific Place in Hong Kong this afternoon appeared to be lead by Rupert Dover
A woman outside of Admiralty is suffering from asthma. (5:35 PM)
Protestors dismantle a metal sidewalk fence in central Hongkong #hongkongprotests ⁦
Big fire at Wan Chai MTR station put out by firefighters
#hkpolice fired one shot of live bullet in Wanchai
You can see in this video police aggressively pushing a protester's head into the cement and police trying to block me with their shields
Protestors set fire to barricades on Hennessy Road in Hong Kong's Wan Chai district #HongKongProtests #香港
The Wan Chai MTR station entrance is engulfed in flames #HongKongProtests #香港
The watercannon just arrived at Admiralty.
Despite mass arrests people are still on the streets numbering in the low thousands and also burning stuff
17:35 HKT TST Heavy police presence at Tsim Sha Tsui Pier
Heavy Hong Kong Police station outside the PacificPlace, nearby LegCo in Admiralty. Police are telling reporters to leave for safety reasons
Thick black smoke from another bonfire barricade in Wan Chai
Another protester down. The police on the left was trying to block this reporter from recording.
A protester throws a Molotov cocktail in the direction of riot police near Queensway Plaza. #hongkongprotests
From a few mins ago: police firing tear gas while moving down Queensway rd
The new frontline is in Wan Chai, a couple of hundred metres from the police headquarters
Police fired more tear gas at protesters near Queensway Plaza. Some protesters threw bricks, Molotov cocktails or hard objects at officers. #antiELABhk
Dozens were arrested outside Pacific Place at 5:30pm after another sudden police charge. Photo: HKFP. #hongkong #hongkongprotests #antiELAB
The charge mass arrests #HongKongProtests on Queensway
#HongKongProtests: Another one down and unresponsive.
A brief stall outside Methodist Church, where police are standing by with weapons on the flyover. But seeing teargas used in Admiralty, protesters decided to run forward anyways and join the rest in front
Hong Kong Police arrested protesters with inappropriate violence. The protesters said "he can't breath" for a few times but the police didn't respond to that. (Credit:cbc City broadcasting channel)
A reporter from @suarahk, an Indonesian-language newspaper based in Hong Kong, was confirmed injured in her eye.
Running from tear gas in front of Wanchai police HQ.
#hongkongpolice hit a protester who wears @realDonaldTrump mask.
Black flag raised as protestors and police face off on Rodney Street. As 2 guys stroll pass
#HKPolice have shot an Indonesian reporter in the eye with a rubber/beanbag bullet
Taipei on the move in pouring rain.1 year ago
Taipei on the move in pouring rain.
Short clip of the unconscious protester. HKPolice tried to call him but he was unresponsive.
People have been trapped in Admiralty MTR station. This is how they are escaping
Protesters have set up barricades on either side of Gloucester Road in Wan Chai using traffic cones and rubbish bins #hongkongprotests
1 year ago
Earthquake of magnitude 4.7 - 141km WSW of Bamboo Flat, India
GLASS SMASHED: Hong Kong protesters vandalize the Wan Chai MTR subway station
1 year ago
Mawlavi Abdul Hanan, a key Taliban commander, was killed in an airstrike in the Khogyani district of Ghazni province, Ministry of Defense spokespeople claimed
The water cannon truck has fired coloured dye onto an overpass on Harcourt Road, but Stand News reported the section of the road was empty. Photo: Stand News. #hongkong #antiELAB
On Sunday afternoon, a peaceful secondary school students' rally is also taking place in Tsuen Wan Park, while protesters also gathered for a sit-in at the Festival Walk mall.  Photo: Stand News.1 year ago
On Sunday afternoon, a peaceful secondary school students' rally is also taking place in Tsuen Wan Park, while protesters also gathered for a sit-in at the Festival Walk mall. Photo: Stand News.
Bird view on Harcourt Rd from Admiralty Centre Footbridge. Water cannons in use. Protesters still defiant
Clashes between police and protesters are taking place in Admiralty, where the MTR Station is about to close. Photo: @SiuSinGallery / HKFP
Protestors at Legco and government headquarters. Blue dye fired by water cannon. Note empty double decker tourist bus in shot
Water cannon is behind the plastic barrier between government and also PLA headquarters
15:31 Admiralty PRC national day banner - words all taken down
Crowd chanting 香港加油 Hong Kong add oil - at the Taipei Rally today to support Hong Kong's democracy movement1 year ago
Crowd chanting #香港加油 Hong Kong add oil - at the Taipei Rally today to support Hong Kong's democracy movement
1605: non stop tear gas grenades outside Pacific Place.
Supply of tear gas seems unlimited on Queensway, Admiralty
At 3:35pm, the MTR announced the closure of Wanchai station. Photo: MTR Service . #antiELAB
Protesters built makeshift barricades in Wanchai as riot police begin to disperse them shortly before 4pm. Photo: @SiuSinGallery / HKFP.
Tear gas was fired in Admiralty shortly before 4pm on Sunday as "anti-totalitarianism" protesters occupied Harcourt Road. Photo: NowTV screenshot
1 year ago
Earthquake of magnitude 5.1 - 88km SSE of Pondaguitan, Philippines
Instead of going further into Tin Hau, protesters turned around and began to march towards Wan Chai. Chopper following from above
Some protesters have moved back to the area outside of Sogo in Causeway Bay, after @hkpoliceforce fired multiple rounds of tear gas earlier
Tear gas fired at CausewayBay. #HongKongProtest
Tensions already rising this Sunday. Broad daylight and police pepper sprayed protestors outside Sogo in Causeway Bay. Others helped clean their eyes out.
After the tear gas, Hennessy Road is largely clear. Protesters take shelter in nearby buildings. #hongkongprotests
Earlier, activist Tam Tak-chi of the party People Power was arrested outside Sogo in Causeway Bay. Photo: SCMP/Nora Tam
Hong Kong protesters boo and jeer at the police as they set up cordons to control unauthorized gatherings
Shortly after 2:15pm, riot police baton-charged the Causeway Bay crowd, making several arrests. Pepper spray was also fired at reporters. Photo: @SiuSinGallery / HKFP.
Two injured as fight breaks out near Hong Kong 'Lennon Wall'
Tear gas was fired in Causeway Bay at 2:24pm.
1 year ago
Border Security Force: One BSF jawan missing at International Border in Arnia sector of Indian rupees Pura. He got washed away during patrolling duty in Arnia sector. Search operation underway. #Jammu And Kashmir
1 year ago
Japan-based U.S. aircraft carrier in South China Sea ahead of key Chinese anniversary
1 year ago
Earthquake of magnitude 6.2 - 84km SSE of Pondaguitan, Philippines
3 year ago
The Japanese government has created a nationwide television broadcast advising civilians on how to protect themselves in the event of a North Korean missile attack.
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