16 July 2024
South Korea's Hanwha to supply more rocket launchers to Poland for $1.64 bln
The US Secretary of State arrives in Beijing for talks with senior Chinese officials
TikTok CEO: We will fight against the American ban in the courts
Biden, commenting on the Israel and Ukraine aid law: It will make America and the world safer and we need to move quickly
The US President signs the National Security law to provide assistance to Ukraine and Israel
British Foreign Secretary David Cameron arrived in Astana2 month ago
British Foreign Secretary David Cameron arrived in Astana
.@SecBlinken has arrived in Shanghai - the first of two stops on his China trip
2 month ago
South Korea's nanosatellite makes successful communication with ground station
The Philippines bars its seafarers from being deployed to passenger and cruise vessels in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden. These two areas have been the site of violence amid conflict in the region, with at least two OFWs killed so far
US Senate approves bill banning TikTok unless Chinese owner ByteDance sells platform
The Senate has passed the $95 billion national security supplemental bill, including military assistance for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan, 79-18. Next to Biden's desk
A US aid package worth $95 billion for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan receives enough votes in the Senate to be approved
Iran's President Raisi in Pakistan: If Israel attacks Iranian territory "Circumstances" will completely change- IRNA
China denounces US accusations of supporting the Russian army, describing them as "baseless"
2 month ago
Police have arrested a staff member of the German far-right Alternative for Germany party on suspicion of espionage for China. The employee is said to work for the AfD's top candidate for the European Parliament elections, Maximilian Krah
2 month ago
Thailand PM @Thavisin abruptly cancelled his visit to border town MaeSot Tuesday, sending his Foreign Minister (FM) @drparnpreeb instead. New committee he formed, headed by FM will assess & suggest solutions to Myanmar crisis affecting kingdom
Two helicopters collide midair at naval base in Lumut, Malaysia, during rehearsals for upcoming celebration event; several people reported killed
2 month ago
2 month ago
A 5.3 magnitude earthquake occurred 18.64mi S of Hualien City, Taiwan.
2 month ago
North Korea fires unspecified ballistic missile towards East Sea: JCS
North Korea conducts 'super-large warhead' test for strategic cruise missile: KCNA
U.S. imposes sanctions on suppliers of Pakistan's ballistic missile program
2 month ago
Secretary Blinken:We remain focused on promoting a free and open Indo-Pacific. In today's @G7 meeting, we discussed the need for peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait, the South China Sea, and the Korean Peninsula, and our efforts to strengthen and reimagine relationships in the region
The House has cleared the rule to consider the foreign aid bill. 316-94 Y:165 D: 151 R N:39 D 55 R
The Chinese Ministry of Defense announces the formation of a new cyber military force
On Artificial Intelligence-"We're seeing a variety of bad actors using AI to make themselves significantly more effective" per @FBI's Wray in Q&A. Says that includes China
2 month ago
Tsunami alert after a volcano in Indonesia has several big eruptions and thousands are told to leave
China: Israel must comply with the Security Council resolution and ceasefire in the Gaza Strip
Biden: I want fair competition, not conflict with China
US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken will visit China next week