Map. History of Asia conflict

23 October 2017
Situation with Qatar more critical right now that DPRK per former Wite House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon
Air Force: No imminent plans to put B-52s on 24-hour alert
12 @usairforce F-35s are going to Kadena Air Base, Japan, for a 6 month operational deployment
UN adds 32 items to list of prohibited goods for North Korea
Japanese Defense Minister says DPRK’s weapons capabilities now require “different responses”
Russian Mindef Sergei Shoigu arrived in a visit to the Philippines
Typhoon Lan has left 6 dead and nearly 200 injured in Japan
Ussuriysk, Primorsky Krai, Russia: Airborne Brigades are undergoing tactical exercises 190+- kilometers from the North Korean Border.
Russian cargo ship beached by typhoon in Fushiki, Japan
[email protected] comments on his upcoming trip to the Philippines for the US @ASEAN Summit.
No questions taken after @POTUS and @leehsienloong made their respective statements before media in Rose Garden.
@POTUS has accepted invitation to visit Singapore, says @leehsienloong.
@leehsienloong "Good US-China relations will benefit the region and the world."
PM Lee says pressure necessary on North Korea, "but so is dialogue." Urges US to work with others to resolve the standoff with North Korea.
"We strongly oppose the nuclearization of the Korean peninsula," says @leehsienloong. "We condemn the DPRK's dangerous provocations."
"Pressure is necessary, but so is dialogue," adds @leehsienloong
[email protected]: “Singapore is one of our closest strategic partners in Asia.”
Singapore's Lee: "On a per capita basis, we must be one of the highest-buying American customers in the world."
US and Singapore today reaffirmed their "robust and enduring partnership," says @leehsienloong.
@POTUS tells @leehsienloong he looks forward to continuing discussions at US-ASEAN summit in the Philippines.
@POTUS "We are fortunate to have such a wonderful and loyal partner."
Singapore was 1st SE Asian nation to join coalition to fight ISIS. "That was very far thinking," says @POTUS.
Pres Trump hails Singapore for sharing the "unwavering commitment to countering the North Korean threat."
"Our common values and interests have led to a vital security relationship," @POTUS says of Singapore.
President Trump and PM Lee look on as execs from @BoeingAirplanes and @SingaporeAir sign $13.8-billion deal for purchase of 20 777s and 19 787s
Francis will visit Myanmar in November and then Bangladesh, which has absorbed half a million Rohingya refugees
“Far better to lower the volume of rhetoric,” focus on capacity in the region and sanctions vs DPRK, says former SecDef Panetta
“Because of the rhetoric the tension has risen a great deal and with that tension is the concern abt a miscalculation or a mistake" per Panetta DPRK
On DPRK, US needs "policy of containment and deterrent…but somehow that noose of detainment and deterrence needs to be tightened" -Panetta
In Oval Office with @leehsienloong, @POTUS tells him "I'll be at both," referring to @APEC and @ASEAN summits.
Singaporean PM Lee arrives at White House for talks with US President Trump
President Trump waits at West Wing Portico to greet PM Lee and escort him to the Oval Office.
Rohingyas must go home, Bangladesh says
Military honor guard in place for WH arrival of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong of Singapore.
Tusk: Congratulations @AbeShinzo. A strong mandate to cooperate on free, fair trade and rules-based international order
New electric buses rolled out in Beijing, Sunday. The buses are installed with PM2.5 filters. It take 15min to fully charge them to run 60-70km
President Duterte officially declares Oct 26 a holiday in Cebu for the burial of the late Cardinal Vidal
Statement by @DHSgov spox Dave Lapan on Indonesia's armed forces commander being denied entry to the US:
Awaiting arrival of Singapore PM @leehsienloong.
Readout issued by @WhiteHouse of congratulatory call from @POTUS to Japan PM @AbeShinzo.
Duterte formally accepts Bautista’s resignation
US Defense Secretary Mattis praises Philippines for battle vs IS-inspired Maute
No plans to ask former Pres Carter to try to resolve crisis with North Korea. But Sr WH official says NSA McMaster has spoken to Carter.
[email protected] may play golf with PM Abe when in Japan next month. "They're both golf fanatics," says Sr WH Official. "He's definitely open to it."
World faces a “much darker era” if it fails to resolve the nuclear and ballistic missile threat from DPRK, adds the @WhiteHouse official.
@POTUS "will always speak frankly about our views on human rights" replies sr. @WhiteHouse official when asked about bilat with Duterte.
Nothing confirmed on a possible @POTUS-Putin meeting on sidelines @APEC summit in Danang, Vietnam.
WH official says no plans for Pres Trump to visit the DMZ while in South Korea next month. Says security not a factor in the decision.
"There's nothing planned" for Jimmy Carter to go to DPRK, says sr. @WhiteHouse official.
"At every turn the US has been cheated, the world has been tricked" by DPRK, according to sr. @WhiteHouse official briefing reporters.
During @POTUS meetings today with @leehsienloong, "they're going to be talking about and previewing the president's trip" to Asia.
"Certainly the US will have a delegation" at East Asia Summit in Manila on Nov. 14 but unclear if @POTUS will attend, says the sr. official.
"You've received a mandate," @POTUS told @AbeShinzo, adds senior official here.
@POTUS "had a great phone call last night with Prime Minister Abe to congratulate him on his big win," according to @WhiteHouse official.
Failure to confront and reverse threat from North Korea will lead to "much darker era" - White House official
Trump will press China to cease predatory trade practices - White House official
"Most likely" POTUS will go to Camp Humphries in ROK.
Travels next month by @POTUS to China and ROK "will be state visits," according a senior @WhiteHouse official.
5 hit men killed in Cavite shootout
SecDef is in the Philippines to strengthen ties with @ASEAN Defense Ministers, discuss North Korea
Singaporean PM Lee urges the US to uphold free trade and sustain economic engagement with Asia
China PLAN Huludao - new nuclear submarine production facility construct 6 subs simultaneously. Possible Type96 beam16.5m
Philippines troops find 40 dead ‘militants’, soon to declare end of Marawi City siege
McCain blasts Vietnam War 'bone spur' deferments in apparent swipe at Trump
Residents of Philippines' Marawi begin long trudge back to normalcy as battle ends
Israel denies involvement in Myanmar tragedy
Bangladesh says Rohingya arrivals 'untenable' as thousands arrive daily
Man, 58, jailed 14 months over bogus calls to police hotline in Singapore
Bautista officially leaves Comelec
Mostly foreigners among 11 killed in Malaysian landslide as toll rises
Three injured in Jakarta theme park river rapids ride accident
Indonesia Sigambal - 2 North Sumatra men arrested as suspected IS sympathizers
KCNA: "'Fellow Traveler 1.0' shows people how to get the destination."
KCNA: "Samhung IT Exchange Company in the DPRK has recently developed…guidance program 'Fellow Traveler 1.0' available for mobile phones."
North Korea's leader is "coming closer" to being able to aim a nuclear-armed missile at the US, says @BorisJohnson
Abe, Trump agree to raise pressure on North Korea: Japan government
Defense chief Mattis in Asia, will discuss North Korea crisis with allies
KCNA: "Trump was foolish to calculate…'calm before the storm'…would browbeat the DPRK. Instead it is the U.S. finding itself in despair."
KCNA: "This is a shriek of extremely exhausted idiots, dumbfounded by the consecutive hard-line offensive measures taken by the DPRK."
KCNA: "Now they have the jitters as evidenced by their rubbish that 'the north's silence lasted more than a month'."
KCNA: "The south Korean puppet forces went frenzy, letting out rhetoric about 'the north's provocation'."
Number of place in Parliament by parties after elections: Liberal Democratic Party 284, Tabernacle 55, Hope 50, Komei 29, Communities 12, Restoration 11, Citizen 2, Independent 22
At least two people were killed and many injured as a mammoth typhoon struck Japan
Malaysia asks Interpol to trace financier linked to 1MDB scandal
KCNA: "The Trump group is trying to browbeat the DPRK by introducing nuclear strategic assets but the people of the DPRK are not…daunted."
KCNA: "After political layman and lunatic Trump took office, the U.S. has taken maximum pressure as an option."
Five dead as Typhoon Lan lashes Japan with 160km/h winds and heavy rain
Cambodian PM Hun Sen says main opposition party will be dissolved
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to push for reforms to Japan's post-war pacifist constitution after strong election win
Christian priest that was captured by IS at the beginning of the battle, appearing on the video IS Lanao sent me - father Teresito Soganub.
Sara Duterte says she’s not vying for national post in 2019 polls
[email protected]_lorenzana statement on end of Marawi fighting
In India's Neighbour First policy, Bangladesh comes first: Indian Externa; Affairs minister Sushma Swaraj in Dhaka
Official palace statement via GMA
Philippines Army(AFP) announces the end of Marawi battle. Full 5-months fight. Philippines
KCNA: "If Japan, a parasite living under the wing of the U.S., dares keep on rash acts…with the DPRK, the former will only face bitter doom"
Philippines defence minister declares end to fighting in southern Marawi city
Japanese self-defense forces helicopter disappeared near Hamamatsu city
The Japanese government has created a nationwide television broadcast advising civilians on how to protect themselves in the event of a North Korean missile attack.