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26 September 2017
Gen Dunford: While the political environment is very charged right now we have not seen a change in posture of NK forces
President Duterte said that according to the study, 76% of Filipinos agree with my methods
President Duterte: "The voice of the people is the voice of God. What I have is 86% acceptance, from an American thinktank."
President Duterte names Lucio Tan as one of the businessmen with debts to gov't
President Duterte says that go't will abide by the limits, the bill of rights, etc
President Duterte jokes, "I used to be known as a killer in my city. Killer of women. Killer looks."
President Duterte: I've told you before, I'm staking my honor, my life and the presidency, period
President Dutete says that whenever he reads the briefer with the reports of battle casualties, he is reminded of the burden
President DUterte: Everyday I will be losing a policeman and a soldier. It hurts me deeply, that is why
President Duterte says that he doesn't need martial law. "The two balls is all I need."
Joint Sea 2017 military drills held by China and Russia came to a close Monday in Okhotsk Sea, Pacific Ocean.
President Duterte: I will be blunt. If you are caught with 1 ton of shabu, and I am around, you are dead. You are dead
President Duterte said that If you hurt or imprison a minor, that policeman will go to jail. That's why peddlers use children as drug couriers
President of the Philipines Duterte on child lawbreakers: They go in and out of the system. No accountability
President Duterte: In Davao, all policemen who are connected to drugs died. I said let them fight
U.S. withdrawal from Iran deal would strike a blow to North Korea situation - Russian foreign ministry
President of the Philippines Duterte: If you find out my children are into drugs, kill them. Kill him. That is how I show you
President Duterte: Find me one policeman who I ordered to execute criminals. Find me one, and I will resign
Duterte: The 3 most important issues that Filipinos are most afraid of: corruption, drugs and criminality
President Duterte: There are more Army casualties in the war on drugs because of this
President Duterte: In some places in the Philippines, if you just rely on the police, they will be massacred. In Mindanao, you need armored cars
President of the President Duterte: There are some police who became police just to make money, we have to uproot them
UN raises estimate for Rohingya arrivals in Bangladesh to 480,000
President Duterte: I was a prosecutor for years. I know what due process is. I do not want the killing of innocent people
Duterte: I am not a violent man, of course, I am a playful ano. But when it comes to my country, I do not lose sight of the constitution
President Duterte says that he is protesting what is happening to the country
President of the Philippines Duterte says that he found out that 9 generals were corrupted by drugs upon assuming the presidency
President Duterte says that Chinese trawlers cook shabu at the borders of the country
President Duterte says that he will kill those who destroy the youth of the country
President Duterte says that the Marawi siege was started by a warrant of arrest issued against a drug lord
President Duterte: Why are there so many zombies running around? Count the numbers of mothers, children killed by drugs
Duterte asks: Who will pay for the elders if the youth are destroyed because of drugs?
Duterte: Americans divided Mindanao, they described it as the "land of promise."
President Duterte says Philippines a transshipment site of shabu going to the US. “It behooves upon America to work with PH on this serious matter.”
President Duterte says that the drug problem behooves America to assist the Philippines in dealing with this issue
President Duterte says that he wants to continue where he left off from his previous speech at the anniversary of the DOJ
2 drug suspects killed in Ligao City, Albay
@SolGenCalida [email protected] described President Duterte as the "Punisher and nemesis of the triad of drugs, crime and corruption."
@SolGenCalida [email protected] introduces President Duterte as the "Mayor of the Philippines."
[email protected]: "We are blessed to have a leader who is a an agent of change for a better Philippines."
[email protected] describes President Duterte as a paradigm of paradoxes, a "punisher" with a soft heart
President Duterte at Manila Hotel for Philconsa anniversary
KCNA: Mun: "Employees of the complex are increasing the power production…to throw the old lunatic…and all his ragtag stooges into a boiler."
KCNA: "Mun Hak Chol…engineer at the Pyongyang Thermal Power Complex, told KCNA: …U.S. imperialists are doomed to a moth attracted to fire."
KCNA: "Literally, the whole country is permeated with the spirit to annihilate war maniac and old lunatic Trump on the earth."
KCNA: "U.S. imperialist warmongers are bluffing, being buoyed by war fever, after proposing 'military counteraction' against the DPRK again"
[email protected]: Great interview on @foxandfriends with the parents of Otto Warmbier: 1994 - 2017. Otto was tortured beyond belief by North Korea.
Philippines President Duterte says that Austrians can't pull a fast one on him, claims he learned all about stealing from his extended stay in school
Philippines President Duterte slams Austrian gov't for offering grant money with conditions
President Duterte calls on @OmbudsmanPh to prosecute at least 1 or 2 lawmakers of the opposition
President Duterte said that he would've dealt harshly with the addict who mutilated his niece and the addict who abused goats
President Duterte now telling a story about a drug addict who sexually abused goats
KCNA: "Frankly speaking, such puppet forces are not in our consideration. It is easy for the DPRK…to wipe out the puppet forces…at a stroke"
KCNA: "The south Korean puppet warmongers launched Hyonmu…missile, crying out for 'punishment'…, which fell into the sea in a few seconds."
President Duterte: What was really funding the terrorism in Mindanao, as I have told you before: Drugs
President Duterte says that the Scout Rangers should change their combat doctrine to suit urban warfare
President Duterte says that the casualty rate is higher for the Army than the PNP in Mindanao when it comes to drug-related fatalities
President Duterte recounting stories of rape and mutilation at the hands of drug addicts
President Duterte jokes that if he is imprisoned, he wants a "kubol" like privileged criminals, also wants DOJ Sec. Aguirre to service him
President Duterte says that if the youth is destroyed because of drugs, there will be no one to take care of the old
President Duterte: "I was a prosecutor in a very troubled place."
President Duterte: I love my country more than anybody else
Duterte: Jimmy Bondoc joined my campaign because he saw how bad things were
President Duterte salutes cop who defended himself from a knife-wielding drug addict
President Duterte: I almost became a liar, because I said I will end drugs in 3-6 months.
Moscow: US and allies with exercises near the Korean peninsula provoke Pyongyang
PresidentDuterte arrives at the 120th anniv of DOJ at PICC
Indonesia: more than 75,000 people left the area of Mount Agung, fearing the eruption of a volcano.
China says war on Korean peninsula would have 'no winners'
US wants to solve North Korea crisis diplomatically: Mattis
President Duterte appoints lawyer Wilma Eisma as new SBMA chairperson and administrator
Earthquake of magnitude 4.9 - 237km SSW of Bengkulu, Indonesia
Philippines Presidential Security Group statement on death of Maj. Gonzaga, who was found with a gunshot wound on his chest
Presidential Security Group Chief Brig. Gen. Lope Dagoy confirms PSG Officer Major Harim Gonzaga found dead at PSG complex in Malacañang
Shooting incident occured near residence of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, 1 injured: security detail spokesman
Doctor shot dead by unknown assailants in Deoria late last night, protesting locals clashed with Police
Philippine President Duterte not at his residence at time of shooting incident - palace official
Shooting incident near residence of Philippine president - Presidential Security Unit
KCNA: "Kim Ok Ryon, a resident in Central District, said: …It is quite natural to finish those American blood-thirsty zombies with fire."
KCNA: "The silly old man who failed to evolve into a human, was hard of hearing. So we proved that a stick fits a rabid dog."
KCNA: "Trump fond of barking as he pleases is not a politician but a boss of gangsters and a rabid dog, not human."
UN Security Council to meet on Myanmar Thursday: diplomats
Earthquake of magnitude 4.9 - 6km NNE of Passi, Indonesia
Investors take cover in gold as North Korea threatens war
Choe Son-hui, director-general of DPRK foreign ministry's North American department to hold talks in Moscow with Russian diplomats.
Met police say controlled explosion took place outside the North Korean embassy in London tonight and that the item was found to be non-suspicious
Pres Trump chose not to respond when asked about the North Korean Foreign Minister's charge that he had declared war on North Korea.
US "not assuming that anything we do will go without some sort of a response" from DPRK per WH's McMaster
What gives you confidence a blockade wouldn't spark war with North Korea? McMaster: “Nothing.” #ISWsc17
“Much greater danger of Kim Jong Un not recognizing the danger he was placing himself, his government and his ppl in”-McMaster re POTUS tweets
“I don’t think we have seen any evidence that difference rhetoric in the past has moderated the behavior"of DPRK-McMaster on @POTUS tweets
US has thought through 4-5 different ways DPRK problem is going to be resolved - “some are uglier than others" per WH's McMaster
“One of the things that North Korea could do…[give] access to IAEA [@iaeaorg] inspectors” suggests WH's McMaster
“What we hope to do is avoid war but what we can’t do is discount that possibility” - WH's Gen McMaster on DPRK threat
DPRK “threat much further advanced than anybody anticipated” per WH National Security Adviser McMaster
As @POTUS said, "it would be a suicide mission" for DPRK to attack US, per Nat Sec Adviser HR McMaster
“A nuclearized North Korea…unacceptable bcs of the government's past behavior in proliferating every weapons system”-NSA McMaster
China's U.N. envoy Liu, reacting to North Korean FM's remarks, tells Reuters: 'we want things to calm down, it's getting too dangerous'
Erdogan accuses Myanmar of "Buddhist terror" against Rohingya
BBC Korea launched today via shortwave and mediumwave. The shortwave service is already being jammed, almost certainly by North Korea.
“False narrative” that @POTUS was warned by officials not to make it personal with Kim Jong Un in UNGA speech, asserts @PressSec.
“We’ve not declared war on North Korea,” says @PressSec. “Frankly the suggestion of that is absurd.”
Earthquake of magnitude 5.1 - 0km SSE of Sioah, Indonesia
"We are not the problem," France and Germany envoys say of Europe, on obstacles to IranDeal renegotiation. Point to China and Russia.
If Pyongyang's provocative actions don't stop, then @POTUS will be provided with options to deal with DPRK, says @DeptofDefense.
Col Manning DOD spox: All options on the table to protect allies
DPRK FM Ri Press conference: All UN members should remember its US that 1st declared war
DPRK FM "In light of the declaration of war by Trump, all options are on the table of the supreme leadership"
North Korea's foreign min says Trump's comments "clearly a declaration of war" and they now have the right to shoot down US bombers.
North Korean For. Min. Ri says NK has the right to shoot down US warplanes which threaten it- responding to flight of B1 bombers near NK.
North Korean foreign minister says Trump's comments over the weekend were clearly a declaration of war
The Japanese government has created a nationwide television broadcast advising civilians on how to protect themselves in the event of a North Korean missile attack.