Map. History of Asia conflict

25 July 2017
US intel suggests DPRK capable of launching intercontinental nuke in 2018 - 2 years earlier than previously thought
China is expanding its influence across the Himalayas in India's neighbourhood and is bound to be a "threat" in the coming years, a top Army general said today.
Clashes between NPA, Army kill 5 more gov’t troops
2 Latvian banks fined for breaching North Korea sanctions after FBI investigation uncovers violations
China sends another warning to India amid Doval's visit to Beijing, which apparently isn't going according to plan
President Duterte jokes with families of fallen soldiers/policemen, says that the food is safe to eat because they are not enemies of the state
Fire crews participate in a forest firefighting drill on Hufeng Mountain, Southwest China’s Chongqing Municipality July 24.
President Duterte says families of fallen soldiers, policemen in Marawi will receive P1 M each from someone he did not name
President Duterte thanks businessmen for their financial aid to fallen Marawi soldiers, policemen: I will wait for you in heaven
President Duterte to fallen Marawi soldiers, cop: The nation will never forget your heroism
President Duterte honors fallen soldiers, policemen in the Marawi siege; gives financial aid
China says its intercept of U.S. surveillance plane was legal, necessary
President Duterte finally arrives at the turnover of financial aid for families of fallen Marawi soldiers
After spate of Chinese patrols, Taiwan says it's prepared to defend itself
Now IS reports about 7 AFP casualties after IED exploded in Lilloud Madia neighborhood
Families of soldiers slain in the Marawi siege still waiting for President Duterte, who is now more than 2 hours late
Engineer’s son killed in IED blast in Northern Samar; NPA blamed
Members of Kabataan8 walk out of Camp Karingal chanting "Martial law sa Mindanao, ibasura"
ISIS: 9 ANA soldiers claimed to be dead during clashes in Ballang District of Marawi
Kabataan8, youth activists detained in Camp Karingal for staging a lightning rally in Congress, have posted bail
New footage shows SBS Transit bus hitting 4 motorcycles along Pasir Panjang Road in Sangapore, bus driver suspended
Each families of the slain soldier in Marawi City will receive P250k as financial aid
Doors to plenary opened after rollcall.Present solons give each other applause for their attendance
Rep Lito Atienza commends leadership for stricter roll call rules: "It's quite new for many of us."
226 of 293 members made it to the session hall by 4 pm
After rollcall, quorum declared with 226 members present
House makes good on vow to padlock session hall and crack down on tardiness
In unprecedented move, House locks up doors to plenary after 4 pm rollcall, in bid to ensure attendance
Session hall doors at the Philippines House of Representatives nclosed to keep out tardy solons
Chinese Military and airborne platoon of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran have held joint drills in China
On West there's Pakшіефт with smaller economy and smaller army thus they took route of low intensity conflict, which suits China: Indian Lt Gen Sarath Chand
Despite Himalayas between us, China continues to be a threat. Large portion of their defence expenditure is undeclared: Indian Vice Chief of Army Staff
Videos obtained by CNN suggest the Russian government may be arming the Taliban in Afghanistan.
US says ballistic missile equipment seen arriving in Kusong, North Korea, signals a launch could occur within days - CNN
Sri Lankan navy apprehended 3 fishermen from Tamil Nadu along with one boat near Delft Island and took them to Kankesandurai Naval Camp
China Prepares for a Crisis Along North Korea Border. Beijing bolsters defenses along its 880-mile frontier and realigns forces in surrounding regions
Marawi evacuees urge gov't to allow them to return home
Forward-deployed @IIIMEF @PacificMarines increase survivability and lethality at the Jungle Warfare Training Center in Okinawa
Dispatch from Doklam: Indians dig in for the long haul describe Indian build-up near site of standoff with China
Filipino IS Operative: Fighters in Marawi “Defiant as Ever,” Have Ample Food and Supplies
The Japanese government has created a nationwide television broadcast advising civilians on how to protect themselves in the event of a North Korean missile attack.